Bhopal: As children, we were taught that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ –a wise saying that refers to the importance of cleanliness and urges us to keep ourselves and our surroundings neat and clean. While the advantages of being clean and hygienic are umpteen, no one would have thought that cleanliness could get you cool gifts! Yes, turns out that the Madhya Pradesh government has launched a unique initiative to ensure cleanliness on a daily basis in rural areas of state capital Bhopal.Also Read - Bhopal Farmer Grows Red Ladyfinger That Costs Rs 800 Per Kg, Know What's Special About It

Under this campaign, the local people are being rewarded for using toilets and properly disposing of waste. TVs and mobile phones are being given as rewards to the local people who have done commendable work ensuring cleanliness at their houses and nearby surroundings.

This initiative to maintain cleanliness was undertaken in Bairasia tehsil (block). A lucky draw was organised by the Damila Cleanliness Committee in which the cleanest toilets from all villages of this gram panchayat were selected, and the families were rewarded by means of a lucky draw.

A colour TV was given to Madhav Singh of Kanera village who bagged the first prize, a mobile phone to Inder Singh of Kadhaiya village who got the second prize, a torch to farmer Narendra Singh of Damila village for third prize, wall clock as fourth prize to Jaiendra Singh of Jamila village, the fifth prize as a fibre chair which was given to Badrilal of Ganyari village.

As many as 71 best participants were included by the Damila gram panchayat during this cleanliness felicitation event. The physical verification of the cleanliness was done by the Cleanliness Committee of the village panchayat.

(With IANS inputs)