Viral News: The Italian police recently received a strange request from a man who had been placed under house arrest. Notably, the man who was convicted for drug-related crimes had been living with his wife since the past few months. However, he found his domestic life with his wife so unbearable that he requested the cops to put him in prison!Also Read - This is The Only Railway Station in India Where You Need Pakistan Visa to Enter, Else You Will Land in Jail

The 30-year-old Albanian man living in Guidonia Montecelio showed up at the police station on Saturday (October 23) and told officers he could no longer stand being under house arrest with his wife. He “was no longer able to cope with the forced cohabitation with his wife,” Carabinieri police from nearby Tivoli said in a statement, according to AFP. 

“Exasperated by the situation, he preferred to escape, spontaneously presenting himself to the Carabinieri to ask to serve his sentence behind bars,” the cops said.

According to Captain Francesco Giacomo Ferrante of the Tivoli Carabinieri, the man had been under house arrest for crimes related to drugs and he had few more years left to serve his punishment.

The man cited that he is unable to bear the domestic differences anymore and hence, wants to serve his punishment in jail. He said: ‘Listen, my home life has become a hell, I can’t take it anymore, I want to go to prison.”

Incidentally, his appeal worked  as he was charged for violating house arrest rules. He was detained straight away and the judicial authorities ordered local police officers to transfer the drug criminal to jail, national newspaper Il Corriere della Sera reported.