Patna: In yet another bizarre incident, a man tied the knot with a married woman in a moving train and pictures of the couple have gone viral on social media. The incident came to light from Bhir Khurd village of Bihar’s Sultanganj where a man named Ashu Kumar got married to a woman named Anu Kumari. As per reports, the woman was forcefully married off by her family just two months back, however, she was not happy with her husband as she has been in a relationship with Ashu Kumar for years. Also Read - Viral Video: Nagaland Policemen Parade to the Tune of Hindi Classic ‘Dhal Gaya Din’ | WATCH

Anu said that when the woman’s family got to know about their affair, they banned her from leaving the house. And, in the month of April, her family forcibly married her off to a man from Kiranpur village. Also Read - Viral Video: Car Swallowed Entirely by Huge Sinkhole in Mumbai's Residential Complex After Heavy Rains | WATCH

According to an Aaj Tak report, the woman was married to a man from Kiranpur village but she turned down her husband and refused to live with him. And, as soon as she got an opportunity, she ran away with Ashu from her in-laws house on Wednesday. She met Ashu at the Sultanganj railway station and they got on a train to Bengaluru. Also Read - Two Girls Elope and Marry Each Other at a Temple in Gurugram

Speaking to the media, Ashu said that after they got on the train, Anu pressurized him to tie the knot, so he put vermillion on her forehead while standing in front of the train’s toilet area. Photos of the couple after the wedding are now going viral on social media.