Cairo: In a bizarre incident, a man in Egypt swallowed an entire mobile phone and waited for 6 months hoping that the device pass through his body naturally. The reason why he didn’t visit a doctor was because he was embarrassed to seek medical help. However, his plan didn’t work as the phone got wedged in his stomach and blocked food from passing through his body properly. It is currently not clear why he swallowed the mobile phone.Also Read - Photo of Woman Cop Carrying Toddler Daughter to Duty at Helipad Goes Viral, Wins MP CM's Praise

He finally decided to visit a doctor when his abdominal pains got unbearable. When doctors did an X-ray scan of his stomach, they were shocked to find an entire phone inside him. The doctors then conducted an immediate operation for potentially life-threatening injuries including intestinal and abdominal infections at the Aswan University Hospital.

Experts said this was the first time they had seen such a case where a man has managed to swallow an entire mobile phone, according to a report by Gulf Today. Dr Ashraf Maabad, executive director of the Aswan University Hospitals, said that the device the patient swallowed six months ago was used to prevent his body from accepting food.

The man’s health condition has not been updated, but he is expected to make a full recovery,