New Delhi: Weeks after a matrimonial ad seeking a fully vaccinated groom went viral, another matrimonial advertisement is going crazily viral on social media now. The ad in the matrimonial section of a leading newspaper not only managed to grab the attention of the common man but also of Bollywood actress Richa Chadha and Comedienne Aditi Mittal. The ad was already making rounds on the internet but it went viral only after Mittal tweeted the image with asking if someone had put it out on her behalf. The humourous viral ad states that a woman over 30 years of age and educated, who worked in the “social sector, against capitalism” is seeking a “handsome, well-built” groom strictly between 25 to 28 years of age.Also Read - Viral Video: People Hang From Loaded Bus, Sit Inside Storage Amid Fuel Shortage in Sri Lanka. Watch

The ad read, “Match for opinionated feminist. 30+ educated girl, short hair, piercings, works in social sector agnst cap’lism. Wanted h’some, well built, strictly 25-28 yr old only son with estd business, bungalow/atleast 20 acre farm house. Should know cooking.” The hilarious part of the ad that grabbed the eyeballs of netizens was the ending part that read, “No farters/burpers plz. Write to”. Also Read - Here's Why World's Most Expensive Paneer is Sold For Rs 80,000 Per Kg

While Comedienne Mittal shared the ad with the caption, “Did someone put out a matrimonial ad for me”, actress Chadha reacted to Mittal’s post and commented, “someone out there is waiting for you”. Also Read - Viral Video: US Duo Creates Guinness World Record By Catching Football Thrown From 620 Feet. Watch

While many netizens laughed out loud at the unusual matrimonial ad, many even questioned the authenticity of the ad. Soon after, a BBC report confirmed that this not so orthodox ad was actually nothing more than a prank. The report said that the BBC team reached out to the email address mentioned in the ad ( and managed to track down the “opinionated feminist” – a woman who does not want to reveal her real name, and instead uses the pseudonym “Sakshi”. BBC also got in touch with Sakshi’s brother Srijan and her best friend Damyanti, who came up with the idea.

Sakshi said, “All the names are pseudonyms as we are all professionals with steady careers, and (hopefully) promising lives ahead of us” and don’t want to attract “bloodthirsty” social media trolls. Speaking of the ad, Srijan said that it was “a small prank we played for Sakshi’s 30th birthday”.

“Turning 30 is a milestone, especially because of all the conversation in our society around marriage. As you turn 30, your family and society start putting pressure on you to get married and settle down,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sakshi confirmed that she does have short hair and piercings, works in the social sector, and is opinionated and that the burper-farter is a family joke. “I’ve received more than 60 emails so far. Many figured it was a joke and thought it was funny,” Sakshi added.