Mumbai: The internet is full of several stories of how people ordered phones and ended up receiving bizarre stuff instead. But in a big surprise twist, the opposite of it happened recently! A man in Mumbai who had ordered Colgate mouthwash from online shopping platform Amazon, was surprised when he received a Redmi Note 10 phone worth Rs 13,000 instead. Well, can you believe his luck? Also Read - Chhattisgarh Home Delivery of Liquor App Crashes Within Two Hours Due to Surge in Orders

The user named Lokesh Daga shared the incident on Twitter and tagged the e-commerce giant Amazon to narrate the alleged goof-up with his order. He said that he had ordered four Colgate Mouthwash bottles for Rs 459, but received a Redmi Note 10, which was priced at Rs 13,000. However, being an honest man, he said that he is not able to return the mouthwash.

Sharing the order details and picture of the smartphone, Lokesh Daga wrote on Twitter, ”Hello @amazonIN Ordered a colgate mouth wash via ORDER # 406-9391383-4717957 and instead of that got a @RedmiIndia note 10. Since mouth was in a consumable product returns are restricted and am unable to request for return via the app.”

See the tweet: 

In another tweet, he added that upon unboxing the package, he found an invoice that was addressed to a different person located in Telangana. He wrote, ”However on opening the package I can see that the packaging label was mine but the invoice was of somebody else’s. I have emailed you as well to get the product delivered to the right person.”

Well, people were impressed with his sense of honesty and ethics while some hailed his luck. One person wrote, ”“Keep the Redmi phone and order the mouthwash from the local kirana bro,” tweeted a Twitter user.

Recently, a similar thing happened in the UK after a man received an iPhone SE after ordering a bag of apples (the fruit) from the supermarket. well, not everyone is lucky as them! Two months back, a woman in China ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max and ended up receiving an apple-flavoured drink instead.