Lahore: Turns out keeping long hair can get you arrested in Pakistan’s Lahore. Yes, we are not kidding! Recently, a Pakistan-based artist and performer named Abuzar Madhu allegedly arrested y the Lahore police late at night. According to reports, he was casually waiting for a rickshaw in the wee hours of the morning when the police pulled up in front of him and took him to the station.Also Read - Man Uses This Bizarre Trick to Get a Seat in Crowded Metro. Watch Viral Video

In a series of tweets, a woman on twitter named Natasha Javed narrated the shocking account of the arrest. Javed, who is a child rights advocate in Lahore, wrote that her friend had been arrested for keeping long hair. She wrote, ”Last weekend, my friend Abuzar was picked up by Punjab Police in Lahore. He had to spend a night in Model town police station, in a lock up. Reason: his long hair.”

In a second tweet, she wrote, ”Abuzar is an artist & a teacher. He was waiting for a Rickshaw near Kalma Chawk when a police van stopped him. They asked for his ID card, which luckily he had. He showed the ID card. The police officer then asked others to put him in the police van ‘Ainu Gaddi wich Pao”.

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According to VICE World News, Abuzar Madhu stated that the police could not comprehend why he looked the way he did. His hair was tied in a bun and wore a single bangle around his arm, which made him look ‘questionable’ in the eyes of the authorities. When he insisted, the police told him that his appearance was the reason of his arrest, and that he was out on the streets at 3 am. ”That the issue was his ‘Hulia’/appearance, his ‘lambay Baal’ and that he is out on the street at 3 am.”

He was taken to the police station, and his bags, and belongings were also checked. Abuzar kept explaining that he is a teacher and an artist, but the police were adamant on allegedly keeping him locked up for a day to teach him a lesson.

Shocked at the arrest, shocked netizens said how this is harassment and criticised the police. Many also shared similar stories: