Bhubaneswar: A pet cat came to the rescue of its family and proved that it can be just as good a friend as a dog, when it prevented a cobra from entering the house in Bhubaneswar’s Kapileswar. The incident took place on Tuesday evening where Sampad Kumar Parida and his family live with their pet cat Chinu.Also Read - Never-seen-before Photo of a King Cobra Eating Another Cobra Snake is Going Viral, Netizens Say 'Those Eyes Look Hypnotic'

As a cobra slithered towards the house from the backyard at noon on Tuesday, it met with a formidable roadblock – Chinu. Seeing the cat running to the backyard, the owner followed him and saw that the cat is standing guard against a four ft long cobra and preventing it from entering the house, The New Indian Express reported.

Both of them were even engaged in a fight, but the cat stood guard for over 30 minutes and didn’t allow the snake to enter the house.

Meanwhile, Parida and his family panicked and called the snake helpline phone number.

“Our cat prevented the cobra from entering inside for nearly 30 minutes till a team from the Snake Helpline reached the spot. He is around one-and-a-half-years old and lives with us like a family member,” Parida told ANI.

While they waited, the cat kept watch on the reptile till volunteers arrived to rescue the snake. The four-feet-long cobra was rescued from the house and released in its natural habitat.

(With ANI inputs)