Katihar: Something strange has been happening in Bihar for the past couple of days! After a man in Khagaria received Rs 5.5 lakh due to a bank error, another similar story has surfaced which will leave you stunned. In a bizarre incident, the bank accounts of two boys in Bihar’s Katihar received a hefty amount of money that took the whole village by surprise.Also Read - 'PM Modi Sent Me Money': Bihar Man Mistakenly Receives Rs 5.5 Lakh in His Bank Account, Refuses to Return It

According to a report by Livehindustan, the amount credited in the accounts of class 6 students Gurucharan Biswas and Ashish Kumar is more than Rs 900 crore! The issue came to light after the boys visited the local Centralised Precessing Centre (CPC) of State Bank of India (SBI) to find out about the amount deposited by the state government for school uniforms. However, they were left shocked after they found out about the huge sum of money, the report said.

Both the boys are residents of Pastiya village in Bagaura panchayat in Katihar district. While Ashish Kumar and Gurucharan Biswas received Rs 6,20,11,100, Gurucharan Biswas received Rs 90,52,21,223 in his bank account on September 15. Both the accounts are of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Bhelaganj branch.

Not just the boys and villagers, the strange incident has also left the bank officials puzzled as they themselves are not sure what really happened. Udayan Mishra, the district magistrate of Katihar also confirmed that the children have received hefty amount.

“Big amounts were credited in the accounts of two children. The amount can be seen in the mini statements. The senior officials of the bank are being informed,” Mishra said.

“As soon as we learnt about the money being credited in the accounts of two children, we have put the accounts on freeze and stopped withdrawal. When inquired with the parents of the children, they were also unable to reveal the source of the fund. Now, we are investigating the matter to find out who is the sender,” said M.K. Madhukar, the LDM of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank.

Recently, a man in Bihar’s Khagaria district received Rs 5.5 lakh in his account by a bank error, but refused to return the amount, claiming the money ‘was sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’. Notably, the Gramin Bank in Khagaria had mistakenly sent the money to Ranjit Das, a native of Bakhtiyarpur village.

After the bank realised its error, officials sent several notices to Das, asking him to return the amount. However, he refused to return the money, saying he had spent it. Later the man was arrested for not returning the money back.