New Delhi: There is nothing a human being can’t do and this interesting piece of news is a proof of that! Well, can you grow different kinds of your favourite fruits in one single tree? What if we say, yes you can? This man here has done exactly that!Also Read - OMG! Rs 900 Crore Deposited in Bank Accounts of 2 Boys In Bihar's Katihar, Officials Clueless

You must have seen trees laden with same kind of fruits like mango, guava, berries etc., but have you ever seen or heard of 40 different types of fruits on a single tree? Also Read - 18-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Dies After Accidentally Brushing Teeth With Rat Poison Instead of Toothpaste

Unbelievable! THIS Single Tree Yields 40 Different Kinds of Fruit Including Plums, Peaches And Cherries

In an unusual feat, one which has forced many of us to rub our eyes in disbelief, Van Aken, a visual arts associate professor at Syracuse University and self-declared farmer, has created a tree that yields 40 different kinds of fruits. You heard us right! Also Read - 'Let My Husband Work From Office': Harsh Goenka Shares Hilarious Request From Employee's Wife

Called the “Tree of 40”, this single tree has gone viral on the internet. Plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, and nectarines are among the fruits that grow on this special tree. Isn’t this amazing?

How Was This Possible?

Basically, Prof. Sam has achieved this unique and unbelievable feat through a technique called – grafting! Interestingly, according to a report in Dainik Bhaskar, it has taken about nine years for this tree to blossom.

What is Grafting?

In this technique, a different process of plantation is used. In this, a branch of the tree along with the bud is separated and during winter, it is planted by piercing the main tree. Professor Sam started working on his project the “Tree of 40” with the help of this technique in 2008.

It all began when Van Aken discovered an orchard at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station that had more than 200 varieties of plums and apricots was about to be abandoned. Growing up on a farm as a kid, he told in one of his earlier National Geographic video, that he had always been interested in farming, so he picked up the lease and began experimenting with “sculpture through grafting.” And the result? A “crazy” multi-colored tree that can bear 40 different varieties of stone fruit — those with pits – such as plums, peaches, apricots and cherries.

Prof Sam was able to achieve this commendable feat due to his undying love for agriculture.

He chose these stone fruits because many varieties are being sidelined by monoculture practices that emphasize yield and profit. Prof Van Aken, in the video, said he regards his work more as an art project than a scientific endeavor.

“Each variety blossoms at a slightly different time,” he explained, explaining how he began sculpting and manipulating the tree so that it can yield different fruits all summer long. “When you come out to it and see they’re all in blossom, it’s really kind of an amazing experience.”

Before 2008, the garden used to be the New York State Agricultural Laboratory. It contained rare species of fruits, as well as about 200 plants of fruits such as plum and apricot. However,  the garden was going to be shut due to lack of funds. When Professor Sam noticed this, he took up this phenomenal initiative.

And today, his hard work has borne fruits, quite literally!