Mahabubnagar: As India battles the second Covid wave, experts have warned that social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask are the only ways to avoid getting infected from the virus. However not everyone is able to afford a mask or expensive soaps and sanitisers. One such person is  a shepherd in Telangana who could not afford a face mask, so he came up with his own makeshift mask–a bird-nest!Also Read - Viral Video: Man on a Ventilator With Oxygen Mask on Makes Khaini

Mekala Kurmayya who hails from Chinnamunugal Chad in Telangana’s Mahbubnagar district had to visit the mandal office in order to collect his pension but could not afford a face mask. So, he came up with an innovative solution! He wore the nest of a weaverbird as a face mask, and walked into the government office, surprising everyone.

His picture with the unique face mask has gone viral, and many people are amused with his jugaad.

Twitter user Revathi wrote in a tweet, ”Mekala Kurmayya can’t buy a mask-still wore one. Kurmayya who hails from Chinnamunugal Chad in Mahabubnagar district Telangana came to mandal center for a pension wearing a bird-nest as a mask! Not the best-but he tried. Govts should distribute masks for those who can’t afford.”

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In a second tweet, she asked people to learn a lesson from the man. She wrote, ”Those who have a mask and still not wearing it properly-please learn something from this old man. #Maskup If you can afford, buy one extra mask and give it to ppl who can’t. Wear #mask& help ppl wear #masks #COVID19 AP Govt has been distributing masks, T-Govt should also do that.”

Responding to her tweet, many users urged government offices to provide face masks for visitors who cannot afford one.