California: In this fast-paced stressful life, everyone wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities for a while. If you want to have some moments of quiet, but do not want to lose the facilities of being in a modern home, then this American company’s new creation won’t disappoint. The isolated yet modern house, which is named El Cemento Uno, has been built in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree, California, and is up for sale for a whopping $1.75million. (Rs 12.8 crore).Also Read - Two Wild Bears Spotted Running Around and Playing with a Football in Odisha's Nabarangpur, Video Goes Viral | WATCH

The isolated house located on five-acre uninhabited land in the Mojave Desert is draped in the solitude of barren land surrounded by large boulders and natural grassland vegetation. According to the company, the house is built using the RSG3D building system – a technology that uses insulated 3D panels made of concrete and foam. With a built-in library and a dedicated reading corner, the house glows in the desert night with its custom LED lighting.

The company wrote on Instagram, “This location is one of a kind and this is a special opportunity. This highly unique home sits within the boulders offering the ultimate park-like experience with your own privacy. 5 acres that feels like 100+ as it backs up to protected boulder laden land, all within 10 minutes of the village. ‘El Cemento Uno’ is the latest creation from KUD Development and designed by URBARC architects. This RSG3D building system home offers a new level of efficiency as its built out of concrete and foam.”

See pictures of the house here:

The house is crafted from concrete, based on designs by Urban Architectural Space Group and in the process of being built by Kud Development, as per Metro. Anyone who wants to go grocery shopping or meet people will have to take car or bike rides. It’s expected to be ready in early 2022.

Interestingly, the house might remind you of a similar one shown in a Black Mirror episode titled Smithereens, where the founder of a social media company is trying to detox in such a house in the middle of nowhere.