Ho Chi Minh: As the world reels under the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, education for students has now become attending online classes sitting in front of one’s laptops. And this switch from physical classes to virtual classes has brought forward some hilarious and bizarre stories that will definitely be remembered by all when we get back to our normal lives. Speaking of bizarre stories, recently a student from  Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam has made it into the headlines after he forgot to switch off his camera while having sex with his partner during an ongoing online class.Also Read - Viral Video: Siddaramaiah's Dhoti Slip in Karnataka Assembly Will Remind You of Hera Pheri. Watch

The incident caught the attention of his teachers and classmates and a short clip of the student engaging in the intimate act with his partner was also leaked online last week. As per local media reports, the professor who was furious at the student for forgetting to turn off his camera said, “What do you think you are doing? In physical classrooms, you make out with your girlfriend. Now that we’re in an online class, you have sex.” Also Read - Viral Video: Money Heist Song Bella Ciao Gets a Gujarati Cover, Netizens Love It. WATCH

And, it was only after the professor shouted at the student when he realised his mistake and rushed to put on his clothes and turned off the camera within the blink of an eye. Vietnamese newspaper Lao Dong reported that the student had later sent an apology to the professor and his classmates as well for the incident. Soon after the incident was highlighted by media reports, the university confirmed its occurrence and said that the students were reminded to display proper behaviour while attending online classes. The university also urged people to refrain from sharing the video further. Also Read - ‘Talaq, Talaq, Talaq’: UP Man Seeks Divorce After Wife Fails To Take Bathe Daily

This incident definitely reminded you all of Shweta, who created a buzz on social media platforms after leaving her mic on during an online class while she discussed some private details of a boy who had actually asked her to keep it a secret. As she went on speaking, her fellow classmates on the call tried to tell her, “Shweta, your mic is on.” And, a video of the online class session was also leaked online and it went viral in no time.