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Woman Names Her Pet Dog Covid, People Slam Her Asking, ‘Would You Name a Dog Cancer or AIDS?’

The owner named her pet doggo Covid as she had rescued him during the nationwide lockdown

Updated: March 25, 2022 12:34 PM IST

By Trending Desk | Edited by Ritu Singh

Woman Names Her Pet Dog Covid
French researchers documented the first case of a dog with confirmed monkeypox infection that might have been acquired through human transmission.

Viral News: Needless to say,  COVID-19 pandemic has invaded every single facet of everyday life. After COVID first struck, a strange trend started in 2020 when many people decided to name their pet dogs and cats ‘Covi,’ ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Corona.’ Why would someone name their adorable pets after a deadly disease that changed our lives forever, just beats all logic. One such woman was criticized on social media users after she named her pet dog Covid.

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According to a Mirror report, the owner named her pet doggo Covid as she had rescued him during the nationwide lockdown. However, the bizarre name didn’t go down well with social media users, who slammed her. The woman later explained to Reddit why she named her dog after a pandemic, “We found a stray puppy during the start of our lockdown. It started by feeding him scraps in the back garden where we were spending so much of our time. Now he’s moved in and is probably going to stay unless someone comes forward to claim him. We put a notice up in some village shops about him.”

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“We called him Covid because that’s why we found him, spending all our time at home,” she added. The woman also shared an incident where she was confronted by a couple about the name during one of her walks.” We have now started taking him out for walks, which he loves. But yesterday a couple heard us calling his name while playing by the beach. They came over and told us that it’s insensitive as they lost an uncle to the virus. They said how would we feel if they called their pet cancer or death?”, she said.

After the incident, she asked Reddit users whether “Covid” is really an offensive name or whether the stranger couple simply “overreacted”. “Would you name a dog AIDS and go running around in public yelling ‘Here AIDS! Come here boy, that’s a good AIDS!’” “Would you name a dog Ebola, AIDS or cancer?,” wrote another user.

In 2020, the site for pet sitters and dog walkers released its annual list, the 100 Most Popular Male and Female Dog Names, and found that pandemic-inspired names were trending with Covi up 1,159% in popularity, followed by Rona (69%), Corona (24%) and Covie.

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