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Optical Illusion of The Day: Spot The Sleeping Cat Hidden in This Pile of Wood!

Viral Optical Illusion Photo: Look closely and try to find the sleeping cat in this picture puzzle.

Updated: July 27, 2022 12:41 PM IST

By Trending Desk | Edited by Ritu Singh

Can You Spot The Sleeping Cat Hidden in The Pile of Wood
Can You Spot The Sleeping Cat Hidden in The Pile of Wood

Viral Optical Illusion: All of us absolutely love solving puzzles. Optical illusions and picture puzzles usually go viral, and instantly catch everyone’s attention because they are fun to solve. The internet is full of such mind-blowing and interesting optical illusion tests which reveal the various facets of your personality. Some also test your eye-sight, concentration level and attention to minute details. It’s interesting to note how some things are right there in front of you, yet it takes a long time to spot them. Now, a picture is going viral on social media that challenges people to spot a sleeping cat amid logs of wood. While some are able to spot it easily, others were left scratching their heads for a long time.

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See the picture here:

The picture first surfaced on Reddit where many users almost gave up. One user wrote, ”I gave up myself after looking at the picture for 20 minutes. Once you find it you wonder why it took so long. ” Another wrote, ”Wow. Before and after looking at the comments I thought this was a troll. But there is really a cat in full view with its head facing the camera. As a hint that doesn’t give away where it is exactly: think about the composition of the photo. Where would someone normally put the subject?”

Many could just see tall trees and pile of wood, but no sign of a cat! But when you take a closer look, you will be able to see a sleeping cat in that pile of wood.

Here’s the solution to the puzzle, in case you gave up:

The cat is sleeping on top of the second pile of wood near the fence. Can you see it now?

Fun, right?

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