It is rightly said that true love knows no boundaries and it once again got proven by the love that was shown by Heather Mosher and David Mosher. Usually, when someone gets married it is at a decorated venue, temple or church but this couple got married in a hospital in Connecticut, USA. Heather and David Mosher got married at a hospital on December 22, 2017, just 18 hours before she died as she was suffering from breast cancer. The wedding took place at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. The photo of Heather Mosher wearing a wedding gown and raising her hand in celebration while tethered to a hospital bed with IV tubes and needles has gone viral and is moving people to tears. Heather Mosher survived long enough to see herself get married to her love David Mosher. The 31-year-old woman, Heather Mosher died hours after getting married. Also Read - Video of Bride and Groom Dancing During Saath Pheras Goes Viral, Netizens React Angrily for 'Disrespecting Culture'

Heather Mosher, a school psychologist, had met David Mosher at a swing dancing class in 2015. As reported by media David Mosher said that on the day he had planned to propose to her on December, 23, 2016, she was diagnosed with cancer. However, he decided to go through with the proposal that night as they rode a horse-drawn carriage. David Mosher told WFSB-TV, “I said to myself, ‘She needs to know she’s not going to go down this road alone.’” This love story will make you emotional, man marries girlfriend suffering from cancer to fulfill her dying wish! Also Read - Papaya Health Benefits: Beneficial For Weight Loss, Fights Aging, And More

Heather Mosher and David Mosher saying their vows

Heather Mosher feeding wedding cake to David Mosher

Heather Mosher underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries but the aggressive form of cancer spread and finally she has to be put on a ventilator. The couple had set a wedding date of December 30, 2017, but the doctors at the hospital urged the couple to go down the road of matrimony sooner and they decided to move up the date.

Family and friends of the couple, worked together to get Heather Mosher dressed up for her wedding. They got her into her wedding gown and a wig and the couple exchanged vows in the hospital’s chapel. David Mosher said that some of the final words that Heather spoke were her wedding vows. Heather Mosher’s funeral was held on December 30, 2017, the original date of the wedding.