New Delhi: The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has indeed made everyone creative. While people are drawing circles in crowded places like markets to ensure social distancing, temples are webcasting the sanctum Sanctorum of the temple, here Chennai Police has come up with a novel way to create awareness among people. They have designed a helmet that looks like coronavirus, at least like the photo of the virus that is doing the rounds. Also Read - Kerala Reports First Coronavirus Death. A Reason to Worry? | 5 Points

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“We had been talking to the public. But awareness among them is very less. So we thought of doing something different. We designed a helmet that looks like coronavirus. We thought of doing something which will scare the people and make them stay at home,” inspector Rajesh Babu said.

In a first, Indian scientists have revealed a microscopy image of SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. scientists took the throat swab sample from first laboratory-confirmed COVID19 case in India.