Viral Video: A video of a fish jumping up and down inside an oven has creeped out netizens who called the filleted fish haunted and said that the video looked like a scene from a horror movie. The confused netizens also demanded an explanation as they were curious how could a filleted headless fish jump and toss around like that. The spooky video that is going viral was shared on YouTube by a user named Naser Par a few years back, but it has started trending again after someone shared it on Reddit.Also Read - Viral Video: Happy Bride & Groom Dance Merrily on The Road After Their Wedding | Watch

The viral video clip shows a large piece of a dead filleted fish without a head flipping and jumping around inside the oven while after it was placed there on a tinfoil covered tray to get cooked. The piece of fish can be seen jolting and slamming up against the grill as if it was alive and this scene has undoubtedly left viewers stumped. Also Read - Boy Attempts Dangerous Stunts on Moving Train, Video Will Shock You | Watch

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The 35-second viral video clip begins with a person opening up the oven, with the fillet suddenly twitching before hitting at the top of the oven. And, as it continues to shake and jump, the person can be seen trying to open and close the oven’s door in fear. But after a moment the jumping piece of fish comes to a complete standstill.

The video was originally posted on YouTube five years ago and it has racked up more than 3.4 million views on the platform and now it has started doing the rounds again after being shared on Reddit.