New Delhi: As people around the world have been confined to their homes due to the coronavirus lockdown, boredom has taken over, leading them to invent new ways to keep themselves entertained. Every other day, there is a new online game or trend that keeps people amused amid the stress of the lockdown. Also Read - India Watches Ramayan Together And Makes it The Top Trend on Twitter Today - Check Nostalgic Tweets

After giving us hilarious #workfromhome memes to creative #SocialDistancingPickUpLines, a new trend on the internet is going viral, which entails people sharing those things that they will absolutely fulfill before dying. Netizens are now bomabarding the internet with #ICanNotDieBefore posts, where they have enlisted both serious things as well as funny things that they want to accomplish. Also Read - #Ramayan Trends on Twitter as People Get Nostalgic And Recall How Iconic Show Changed Their Childhood

Some were about travelling to distant and beautiful locations, while some were about falling in love and getting married, others were just plain hilarious.

Check out a few tweets:

Well, these are pretty hilarious:

Responsible citizen, we must say!

To that, we say good luck…

Aww..we really hope that for you!

Extremely ambitious, right?

*Same pinch*

That’s really noble of you:

Amen to that:

What would you do?