Viral Video: Every day or the other, amusing, weird and funny videos go viral on the internet, capturing the interest of users. One such video that is being widely shared on social media is of a crazy fight that broke between two girls in the middle of a street. It’s not known where the video is from, but the video has gone viral, and people are curious to know the reason behind this ugly brawl. The video shows two young girls, clad in jeans and crop top, aggressively charging at each other and thrashing one another with their hands. They further pull each other’s hairs and continue beating each other, despite the efforts of other people to separate them.Also Read - Viral Video: Elephant Fights Arrogant Rhino, Shows Him Who's The Boss | Watch

The fight turns so ugly that they drag each other and fall into a dirty drain, with filth all over them. Even then, they continue to fight like WWE wrestlers, as their hands and faces are covered with black, mucky water.

Watch the video here:

Recently, another similar video of two women fighting with each other in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna, surfaced on the internet. The incident happened in Malaghan village of ​​Panna district, where women of the village assemble together to collect drinking water. All of a sudden, a war of words broke between the two women, who then thrashed each other with utensils. The duo also push each other and pull each other’s hair, while the other women try to separate them.