While we are shivering at 10-15 degree Celsius, a group of young men in the Siberian city of Tomsk staged an outdoor swimsuit party at minus 39 Celsius! Yes, we are not kidding, this really happened! The video of this crazy party was shared on Instagram, which shows a dozen people wearing bikinis and colourful swim shorts dancing on a snow-covered central square in front of a decorated New Year’s tree. Also Read - Magic or Freezing Temperatures? Siberian Man Shares Pic of Noodles & Eggs Frozen in The Air | See Jaw-Dropping Post

As per RT.com, the party was planned to mark the birthday of one of group members, who had intentionally waited for a very chilly day to make the clip. “The weather did its thing and gave us a record minus [temperature] for my idea,” he wrote.

The vapour coming out of the revellers’ mouths made it abundantly clear that it was very, very cold. The temperature in Tomsk at the hour of the shoot really dropped to short 39 Celsius, as per a telephone highlighted in the recording.

Watch the video here:

While some applauded their bravery, others just found it plain stupid and ridiculous. Nevertheless, the video has gone viral, leaving people stunned at the crazy antics. After the clip garnered a lot of attention worldwide, people of Tomsk city confirmed that the video was recorded on a freezing day and was not a hoax.

In another video which shows how cold it actually is in Siberia, a Twitter user shared a picture to show how his noodles and egg were frozen in the air as it was -45C, in his hometown Novodibirsk, Siberia. As per RT.com, Russia’s Hydrometeorological Center has forecast that Western and Central Siberia will see temperatures as low as -50 celsius before the end of the year, around 20 degrees lower than the typical December cold.