Viral Video: Space travel promises the thrill of discovery and excitement, but it also comes with great sacrifices like letting go of the simple pleasures of food. However, a team of astronauts aboard the International Space Station decided to have a fun night by enjoying pizza! Yes, while it’s common seeing people enjoy pizzas on Earth, a video showing astronauts relishing pizzas at the International Space Station (ISS) has left the internet amazed.Also Read - Nigerian Man Eats Indian Food For The First Time, His Reaction Goes Viral | Watch Video

The one-minute video, shared by astronaut Thomas Pesquet on Instagram shows a group of six astronauts enjoying a ‘floating pizza party’ at the International Space Station (ISS). The video also shows them assembling the ingredients and preparing the pizza while it was floating in the air!

The video was captioned as, ”Floating pizza night with friends, it almost feels like a Saturday on Earth 🍕 They say a good chef never reveals their secrets, but I made a video so you can be the judge 😉👨‍🍳 Everything but pineapple, that would be a serious offense in Italy.”

Watch the incredible video here:

The video has gone viral, with 702,819 views and 137,977 likes so far. Needless to say, people are both stunned and intrigued to watch this amazing scene play out in space.

“Gravity, It’s insane,” wrote an Instagram user, while another commented, ” “Why the pizza flows but the toppings stays still on top of the pizza? Mysterious.”

“Space Pizza So awesome. Definitely, more of a challenge to make pizza in space. Very cool to watch the process,” read the comment of a third user.

What do you think of the video? Super cool, right!