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Viral Video: Baby Elephant Cuddling & Playing With His Keeper Is The Cutest Thing on The Internet | Watch

An adorable video of an infant elephant bonding and cuddling with its caregiver is absolutely delightful. Watch the video.

Published: June 28, 2022 4:53 PM IST

By Trending Desk | Edited by Ritu Singh

Baby Elephant Cuddling & Playing With His Keeper Is The Cutest Thing on The Internet
Baby Elephant Cuddling & Playing With His Keeper Is The Cutest Thing on The Internet

Viral Video: Elephants might be the largest of all land mammals on Earth, but they are one of the most lovable and sociable creatures to walk this planet. They’re gigantic, but they are also sweet, nurturing, and are known to have emotions similar to humans. More so, just like us, they are playful beings, who also like to have fun. Baby elephants are adorable and they absolutely love some cuddle time. One such video of a baby elephant and its keeper has gone viral.

In the video, the keeper is seen lying on the ground, as the baby elephant climbs over him to exchange hugs and cuddles. The keeper holds him lovingly, and the pure smile on his face shows that he is having a great time. The video which was shared on Buitengebieden’s Twitter handle, with a caption that read, ”Baby Elephant cuddle..”

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Watch the video here:

The internet is delighted after watching the video and poured a lot of love-filled comments. “The truth is: we are not worthy. They are too cute and pure,” wrote a Twitter user. Another commented, ”his is so very touching ❤️. These wonderful men take Mom’s place and give them all their love when she is dead or had to leave her baby behind. Their “job” can hardly paid with money, as they are essential in these babies surviving healthily and one day being able to return to the wild. We all owe them so much gratitude! THANK YOU gentlemen for all you do for these orphans! ”

A third said, ”It is beautiful to see…..keepers are such precious thank you for your dedication.”

The clip was originally shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organisation that rescues and take care of elephants. “An elephant snuggle session. They may weigh about 250 pounds at birth, but elephant calves are just like any other baby. Aside from practical needs, they also thrive off physical affection and lots of interaction. Keepers like Joseph provide this care around the clock, ensuring every orphan grows up knowing the love and support of a family,” they wrote while posting the video.

So very adorable!

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