Ranchi: In a heartwarming incident, a baby elephant that fell into a well in a Jharkhand village was successfully brought to safety after an intense 8 hours of rescue operation. The incident happened on May 2 when the elephant calf, who was passing along Nimatand village with its herd, fell into the well at night. The next day, villagers discovered the calf deep inside the well and alerted the local forest department, which launched a rescue operation.Also Read - Viral Video: Thirsty Elephant Operates Hand Pump on His Own to Drink Water, Desi Style Wins The Internet | Watch

“Unfortunately, in the dark of the night, roughly around 9 p.m. local time, an elephant calf fell into the well. The (water) level wasn’t high enough, but the calf got some buoyancy after falling and didn’t get any injuries,” said government official Shashikant Verma, who photographed the rescue mission.

See the pic of the trapped calf:

In a rescue mission that lasted 8 hours, officials demolished an entire side of the well wall, and carved out a ramp into the earth to allow the calf to walk out on its own instead of being lifted vertically. After 8 hours the adorable calf finally walked out! A video clip of the whole operation has gone viral on the internet.

Watch the video here:

Twitterati praised the forest department’s effots in rescuing the elephant.

IFS Officer Praveen Kasvan wrote, ”Such a heard warming picture. This elephant calf fell in an open well in a village in Jharkhand. After 8 hours of rescue operation by forest department the calf has been rescued”

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In another similar incident in February 2020, forest officials rescued a calf, aged around five years, from a ditch dug up for a well near Landarasika hill in the Ganjam district of Odisha.