Viral Video: Elephants are exceptionally intelligent animals, who are also blessed with a great memory. One such video has emerged on Twitter showing how elephants are quite smart and how they can easily learn things from humans. In a video going viral, a baby elephant is seen peeling a corn on its own and busy eating it without a care in the world. The video shows the elephant carefully peeling off the bhutta with the help of its trunk and legs. The adorable jumbo then proceeds to eat it, and seems like he is enjoying a lot.Also Read - Viral Video: Elephant Helps Guide Blind Friend Towards Food. Netizens Are in Awe | Watch

The video was shared on Twitter by a user called Gannuprem and the video was captioned as, ”’Bhutta season it is.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and people are impressed by the fact that the elephant knew how to peel the bhutta and eat it.  One user wrote, ”Wow! Such an intelligence. Unbelievable!” while another jokingly said, ”he knows how to peel the bhutta, next he will be asking for roasted bhutta.”

See a few reactions here:

Adorable, right?