Cute baby elephant videos are becoming quite the rage in the viral video genre these days. One such old video has surfaced again on the internet and has gained millions of views in just a day. An Indian Forest Service officer, Ramesh Pandey, shared the video on his Twitter and explained what was happening in the video and the story is quite interesting. It is originally an old video from the Prague Zoo, but it went viral recently.Also Read - Instagram Influencer Poses Naked on An Endangered Sumatran Elephant in Bali, Triggers Outrage | Watch

In the video, an elephant calf had fun playing all day and then decided to take a nap.
After a while, his mother noticed that he is sleeping on the ground and tries to wake him up from his siesta but he’s in a deep sleep. She tried waking him up by poking him with her trunk, but he was still happily sleeping. Also Read - No More Cruel Elephant Rides? PETA India Submits Design of Electric Chariot to Replace Elephants at Amer Fort

Frustrated mama elephant then seeks help from zookeepers and goes to them, as if saying ‘Koi Uthao Isse Yaar’. As the zookeepers enter their exhibit, mama elephant takes them towards her baby. Also Read - Adorable Video Of Baby Elephant Trying To Take First Steps Goes Viral On Social Media | Watch

One of the zookeepers goes to the calf and tickles his back. When even that doesn’t work, he shakes him up and keeps patting on his back till he wakes up. The baby elephant then runs up to his mother.

“After running and frolicking, an elephant calf went into a slumber. Worried mother sought help of zoo keepers to wake him up. Elephants are intelligent and social animals and interesting to observe. An old video from Prague Zoo,” Ramesh Pandey said in the caption on his post.

Watch the viral video here:

The adorable video has received more than 1 million views Twitter along with hundreds of likes and replies.

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