Viral Video: Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding with all their family and loved ones in attendance. However, coronavirus has destroyed plans of millions of couples who were enthusiastically gearing up for their BIG day. Most importantly, the second wave of Covid-19 has brought new restrictions, and state governments have specified only a limited number of people for the wedding. Needless to say, all the grand plans for ‘Band, baaja and baraat’ have been shattered due to the virus and couples have been forced to celebrate their wedding in a rather sombre manner due to lockdown-like restrictions and night curfew.Also Read - Ambulance Driver in PPE Kit Starts Dancing with Wedding Baraat to Relieve his Stress, Video Goes Viral | Watch

One such video that shows how pandemic has played a spoilsport is currently going viral on social media and WhatsApp. The 27-second video shows an empty street apparently because of night curfew, and a groom on horse accompanied by just 3 wedding band people. With the band and bajaa in tow, the only thing seems to be missing is the baarat–which is an essential part of most Indian weddings! It is not known where the video is from, but people are sharing it widely on social media. While some are visibly amused seeing this, others showed sympathy for the groom.

Watch the video here:

Since April and May have auspicious dates, many weddings that had been planned during this period have been affected, with most getting either postponed or downsized. Meanwhile, due to night curfew in many states, people are either wrapping up celebrations early or opting for day weddings.