Arizona: Residents of Arizona, were in for quite a shock on Monday after they saw that a bear had climbed up an electric pole and got tangled in power pole wires on the outskirts of town. Soon after Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, a utility company based in the southern Arizona city of Willcox, was notified about the bear, prompting rescue efforts, ABC News reported. Also Read - Viral Video: 17-yr-old Girl Pushes Huge Bear Off a Wall to Rescue Her Dogs | WATCH

Upon reaching there, utility workers immediately disabled the power so the animal would not get electrocuted. They then tried to persuade the bear to come down and even nudged him with a fiberglass stick. Initially, the bear bit and grabbed the stick, but eventually went down on its own.

“Alright little bear, time to get off this pole,” one person says in the video.

Watch the video here:

”I think I told him I was gonna help him get down the pole. I know he couldn’t understand me. But it did get his attention,” Werner Neubauer, a company lineman later told Associated Press.

The bear eventually climbed down safely and ran off into the desert. According to Neubauer, there were no injuries, and the power outage, which affected residential customers, only lasted about 15 minutes.