Bengaluru: A woman from Bengaluru who works as a ragpicker has gone viral on the internet after a video showcased her perfect English speaking skills and soulful voice, leaving people impressed. Notably, the woman, identified as Cecilia Margaret Lawrence was found ragpicking in Sadashivnagar when Instagram user Shachina Heggar approached her for the video.Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Hugs & Plays With Giant Monitor Lizard, People Are Stunned | Watch

In the video, the woman speaks in fluent English and claims to have lived in Japan for seven years. Sharing the video, Shachina captioned it as, ”Stories are always around you. All you need to do is just stop and look around. Some beautiful and some painful, but hey, whats life without a few flowers …Want to get in touch with this amazingly spirited lady.. If any of you see her please get in touch with us.”

Watch the video here:

In another video she starts singing a song in the middle of conversations. Watch it here:

Since being shared, the video has gone viral and netizens are amazed with her zest for life. Many users said that Cecilia is a regular at the Holy Ghost Church on Sundays.

One user said, ”This is so inspiring… She is not alone… I loved how she said that she is not alone.. God bless her and you,” while another wrote, ”I learnt a new lesson after seeing this video…. not to judge anyone by their appearance, everyone has a past and is going through something in their life.”

It has also come to light that Cecilia worked as a model for a public art project and there’s an Instagram account dedicated to her.

Cool, right?