Viral Video Fact Check: Several news reports along with a video are going viral where it is being claimed that a poisonous snake died after biting a four-year-old child in Bihar’s Gopalganj. However, the truth of the matter is something entirely different.Also Read - Viral Video: Cat Kills Small Snake Like Its No Big Deal, Leaves Netizens Stunned. Watch

What is the claim?

According to media reports, a boy was playing outside his uncle’s house in Kuchaikote Police Station area on Wednesday (June 22) evening. As per claims, the snake came out of a field and bit the kid on his foot. All the children playing ran to their houses in fear. The boy then told his family members that he was bitten by the snake and they rushed him to Sadar Hospital’s Emergency ward.

Speaking to News 18 Hindi, a relative of the boy said he came back to the house after playing and shortly after the snake bit him, it was found dead. The relative also informed that the boy got treatment from a doctor and he’s completely fine now. Reportedly, the cobra died within 30 seconds of biting the boy.

Panic spread among residents after hearing that the cobra died after biting the kid. A crowd of people gathered in the area to see the dead snake for themselves.

Reports also mentioned that after hearing that the snake bit the boy, people went out to kill it with sticks but it had already died on its own by then.

What is the truth behind the claim?

When the doctor was asked to verify the facts, he informed that the snake did not bite the child at all. Further, the viral video posted by News 18 Hindi on YouTube showed residents of the area picking up the dead snake with their hands and putting it on a stick.

It is also possible that the residents beat the snake to death with the same sticks and probably said it died by itself to avoid taking responsibility for its death. However, an official confirmation regarding the same is awaited. Further investigation about the matter is underway. The report will be updated as soon as we have more information.


This claim that the snake bit the 4-year-old boy on his foot is completely false. However, the snake did die but the reason for it is not known yet. Therefore, no, the snake did not die after biting the child.

A video sourced by showed the boy sitting in a hospital ward and getting treated by a doctor. No mark of a snakebite could be seen on the boy’s foot. The clip also showed the snake’s carcass with flies hovering over it.

Watch the viral video here: