Viral Video: Kindness and empathy are the traits which make us truly human! Demonstrating the same, a little boy is being hailed online for his kindness after he fed water to a thirsty pigeon. The video of the heartfelt act has gone viral on social media and people are praising him for his compassion and generosity. In the video, the boy is seen pouring water into a big spoon while sitting on his balcony. He then patiently extends his hand and offers the water to the bird who assumingly is thirsty, because of the scorching heat. Though the pigeon hesitates first, it later starts drinking water from the spoon and quenches its thirst.Also Read - Viral Video: Alligator Attacks Horse After It Tries To Fight Him. Watch What Happens Next

IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter and wrote, ”Kindness & trust are co brothers… God bless the child.” The video was originally shared by Twitter user Priyamvada (@Priyamvada22S).

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The heartfelt video has touched the hearts of many, who have praised the boy for being such a kind soul.

One user wrote, ”Kids- more humane than present day adults. Hope they do not change their heart, later on also,’, while another wrote, ”Helping a human or an animal is the greatest gesture of a human being. Stay blessed little hero.” A third person wrote, ”Kids have heart which is kind,innocent, empathetic,nature lover and love filled, while most adults are confused, self-centric and non believers in co-existence.So better we remain kids our whole life.”

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