Viral Video: A video is going viral on social media showing a brave crane casually hitching a ride on the back of a crocodile. The fearless bird stands on the reptile’s tail and maintains its stance as the crocodile swims in the water. Two other crocodiles can also be spotted swimming closely, however, the crane is unfazed and keeps on balancing.Also Read - Viral Video: Wild Possum Latches Onto Woman's Dress When She Tries to Play With It | Watch Hilarious Video

Meanwhile, the crocodile also doesn’t seem to mind the crane’s ride and shows no sign of discomfort or makes any attempt to attack the bird. It seems that the two have forged a friendship of sorts.

Watch the amazing video here:

Notably, the same video had gone viral last year as well and has resurfaced again. Netizens are loving the video and admired the boldness of the bird after riding on a crocodile.

According to a Republic report, the video was initially filmed back in 2018 at Gatorworld theme park and wildlife preserve. It is reportedly also known for rare giant white alligators as well as crocodiles.