Viral Video: Wedding videos on social media are the flavour of the season and everyday or the other, funny and heartwarming videos of Indian weddings go viral. With distressing news developments around us, netizens are finding comfort in watching throwback or old wedding videos. In one such video going viral, the bride-to-be steals the show as she puts up an amazing dance performance at her sangeet. However, it’s not the groom that she is dancing with, but her dearest father.Also Read - Swagger Dulhan: This Gorgeously Dressed Bride Drinking Coffee and Driving An Audi To Her Wedding Venue Has Left Netizens Amazed | WATCH Viral Video

Needless to say, a father-daughter relationship is the most beautiful bond ever and people are just loving this adorable dance. In the throwback video going viral, the bride, dressed in a grey lehenga can be seen dancing joyfully with her father during the sangeet night. The father-daughter duo put up an energetic dance performance with synchronized steps and perfect expressions, as guests clap and cheer them on.

An Instagram account called wedgoeasy shared the video and wrote, ”Heartwarming father- daughter performance ❤️

Watch the video here:

From the video, it seems obvious that the bride has a great bonding with her father, as both of them seem to be enjoying the dance thoroughly. The video has gone viral with more than 2000 likes with people dropping heart and fire emojis in the comment section.

One user said, ”Coolest dad ever”, while another commented, ”so cute.”