New Delhi: With the ongoing wedding season in the country, several bizarre incidents from a handful of weddings across the nation have come to light. Amid all this, an old video of a young couple’s jaimala ceremony is trending online once again after nearly three years of it actually going viral. The viral video shows the bride slapping a man who lifts her during the jaimala ceremony to garland her groom. The video was posted on Twitter by a user named Gnanakuthu.Also Read - Japan Encourages Youth to Drink More By Launching Competition to Boost Alcohol Consumption

In the video, one can see the savage bride suddenly handling the situation quite calmly when one of her relatives lifts her to complete the jaimala ritual, but once she is put down on the stage by the man, she immediately turns back and slaps him real hard. But the most shocking part of the video is when the angry man turns and slaps another woman to vent out his anger. Also Read - Viral Video: Uncle Dances To Dil Na Diya Almost As Well As Hritik Roshan, Impresses Netizens. Watch

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The viral video shows the bride and the groom all set for the jaimala ritual. During this ritual, it is common for friends and cousins to pull a prank of lifting the groom and bride as higher as they can so that it gets tougher for the couple to put a garland on each other. And, during this wedding too, the goom was lifted by one of his friends, and to match the height, another man steps in and lifts the bride up and the couple managed to exchange their garlands. But within moments, the situation turned sour at the wedding venue. The bride, maybe taken off guard by the man lifting her up from behind and reacting to it she slaps him as soon as she is put down. And, in a fit of rage, the man turns around and without any hesitancy slaps another woman standing in front of him before exiting the scene.