Mumbai: In a shocking incident, a parked car was entirely swallowed by a huge sinkhole in a residential complex in Mumbai that has been receiving heavy monsoon rainfall over the last few days. A video of the incident soon surfaced online and went viral on social media. The incident took place in a residential society on Cama Lane in Ghatkopar West on Sunday morning, police said, adding that no one was injured in the incident.Also Read - This Video of a Bride Helping Her Groom Get Ready for Their Wedding is the Sweetest Thing Ever | WATCH

The video that created quite a buzz online was posted on Twitter by a user named Subodh Srivastava. He posted the video with the hashtag “#MumbaiRains” and wrote, “Car swallowed completely by a sinkhole in a residential complex in Mumbai.. Later discovered that it was a covered well under a parking lot!” Also Read - Video of a Girl Thrashing a Cab Driver in the Middle of a Road in Lucknow Goes Viral | WATCH

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The video that has garnered over 500 views within an hour of surfacing online, shows a blue coloured car going down the sinkhole completely. It shows the car’s bonnet and front wheels enter the sinkhole first and then the rear part of the car follows and within seconds the vehicle completely disappears under the water. As per the viral tweet video, it was later discovered that it was a covered well under the parking lot and the car went down the well completely filled with water post heavy rains in the region. The well was reportedly closed by the residential complex society and was made into a parking area earlier.

“The housing society had covered a well with reinforced concrete cement and residents were using the area to park their cars. A team from the local police as well traffic police reached the spot and brought the car out of the water body. The spot has been cordoned for the safety of residents,” said a police official.

The video has gone viral at a time when Mumbai has been receiving heavy rain showers for the past five days. With the onset of the monsoon, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has also predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall in the city over the weekend.