Viral Video: Needless to say, the ongoing Tokyo Olympics is one of the most talked about sporting events in the world, with people gathering around their televisions to watch their favourite athletes compete. However, going by a video, it seems like the glitzy event has also caught the attention of animals too. A video is going viral showing a cat curiously watching gymnasts perform and seems quite intrigued by their movements.Also Read - Little Girl Imitates Mirabai Chanu's Olympics Silver Medal Lift in The Most Adorable Fashion | Watch

In a video, the cat it is seen sitting right in front of the television screen and watching the gymnastics event with a lot of interest and concentration. As the gymnasts perform synchronized movements, the cat also moves it head in the same direction and also puts its paw on the screen in a bid to catch them.

The 54 second video was shared on the microblogging site by Humor And Animals on Wednesday with the caption ,”Cats watching gymnastics is my new favorite.”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral with more than 900 K views and more than 13,000 retweets. One user wrote, ”Yeah, I can’t stop watching this, while another said, ”Cats are the best!” A third commented, ”Kitty is just trying to help…giving gymnasts a little nudge to help them spin all the way around the bars. And helping as a spotter for balance beam. What a wonderful kitty.”

Many people also shared similar videos of their pet cats enjoying the Olympic games. We bet you will enjoy these funny videos:

Another user advised TV owners to ensure precaution, saying, ”Make sure the TV has a glass or hardened screen, cat claws can reek havoc upon it. If Kitty is declawed, never mind. My cats almost took the monitor off it’s perch.. and they still have claws. Chasing a bug of all things.”

Here are other reactions:

Cute, right?