Viral Video: A shocking video circulating on the internet has captured the terrifying moment when a Malibu beach house balcony packed with party-goers suddenly collapsed onto the sand and rocks below. The CCTV video shows them chilling on the balcony, which suddenly breaks off from the house and falls several feet below. According to fire officials, about 15 people hosting a birthday party, were on the deck of the beach house on Saturday when it gave way, dropping them onto large boulders below. Also Read - Viral Video: Man Works Out Underwater to Spread Awareness on Fitness | Watch

Four people were hospitalized, two of them in critical condition, and five others were treated at the scene.  Fortunately, no one was killed in the collapse.

Watch the video here:

“We heard a crack, and I literally saw all my best friends and my girlfriend fall 15-feet to the rocks. The deck just literally gave out. It could’ve been a lot worse, but it’s pretty awful,” the eyewitness told CBSLA. “It was a freak accident. I don’t know how that happens … the deck literally just gave out.”

According to NY post, the homeowner said she rented the home for the weekend with a limit of six people and warned them not to throw parties. However, her neighbours called her to inform her that 30 people were at the property. After getting the call, the landlord started calling the tenants and repeatedly asked the guests to leave, but they didn’t listen. About 15 minutes after the last call, the crowded deck collapsed.

Investigators said that the collapse likely occurred due to the integrity of the deck, and the weight of too many people, KABC reported. The fire department has now declared the house uninhabitable.