Viral Video: A spine-chilling video of a Vietnamese family getting the fright of their life when a ceiling fan fell right amidst them during dinner is making rounds on the internet. The video that went viral was uploaded on YouTube by ViralHog and it shows how the family miraculously escaped unhurt as the fan fell over them while they were having dinner. A young boy who was sitting just between the blades also didn’t receive any injury.Also Read - Neeraj Chopra Shines in Cred's Hilarious New Ad, Netizens Go Gaga Over His Acting Skills | Watch

The video was shared with the caption, “The whole family was eating when the ceiling fan fell right between us. Luckily no one was hurt.” The video was taken on July 8, 2021, in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. Also Read - Viral Video: Elderly Woman Slips & Falls While Boarding Moving Train, Passengers Save Her | Watch

In the video, one can see a family of six sitting on a floor mat and enjoying their dinner while talking to one another. As the video progresses, we can see one of the little boys hear a noise and looking around and within seconds, the ceiling fan over them drops just on the lap of the child and the fan’s blades were just around him. One of the women can then be seen rushing to the child and hugging him while the others were still in shock. After all, you don’t foresee such events. Moments later, the man who was sitting beside the child can be seen picking up the fan and keeping it aside as the family gets back to having dinner. Also Read - Viral Video: Factory Workers Lick & Keep Their Feet on Rusks Before Packing, People Left Disgusted | Watch

Watch the shocking video here:

The video has racked up 28,559 views and has left netizens shocked to the core as people can’t really foresee such incidents and this can happen with anyone. People posted comments like, “That’s a miracle! Their guardian angels are doing an excellent job!”, “That was a very lucky escape”, “Those 3 are the most luckiest people’ and many more.