Smearing the Internet with sheer warmth, a video from Beijing in China is currently breaking the Internet for its super cute content as the COVID-19 lockdown in the country comes to an end. Showing the reunion of two toddlers, the video set all best friends across the globe relating. Also Read - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey And US President Donald Trump Lock Horns Again, This Time Over Latter's Campaign Video Which Had 'Copyright' Issues

China lifted the lockdown on Wednesday after 73 days, ending its painful isolation due to COVID-19 outbreak. Wuhan was the origin point and epicenter of coronavirus as the first cases of the deadly infection were reported from this Chinese city. A video currently going viral across social media platforms show a four-year-old Jazz, spotting his best friend Mikel in the park and running to meet him. Also Read - Producer Anil Suri Dies of COVID-19, Brother Rajiv Reveals Leading Mumbai Hospitals Denied Him Bed

Despite wearing a face mask, Jazz recognises Mikel who too has his face hidden behind a safety mask. Running in each other’s direction, Mikel lifts Jazz off the ground as the other says excitedly, “I can’t believe you are back.” Warming up our hearts like nothing else this Friday, the video with the uncontained happiness of the two best friends is all you need to hang in there during the remaining days of the quarantine. Also Read - ED Headquarters Sealed: Officers Handling Aviation Scam Test COVID-19 Positive

As the lockdown was lifted, tens of thousands of people from Wuhan began leaving the city on Wednesday. The government has lifted the ban on road, air and train travel for all the locals who have acquired health certificates.

However, another death was reported in coronavirus epicentre Hubei Province taking the overall death toll in the country to 3,336, while the overall confirmed cases in China reached 81,907 by Thursday. Seems like China hasn’t really beaten the coronavirus as the country has reported 42 new coronavirus cases, including 38 imported infections. As a result, the country has now started a new trial of re-testing the recovered COVID-19 patients.