Viral Video: Green leafy vegetables are a very important part of your diet, as they have immense health benefits. They are not just power-packed with a variety of vitamins but also help you lose weight. However, some people may find the process of plucking leaves from the stems quite tedious. If you cook regularly, you will also know how this process of de-stemming can be time consuming as you have to individually separate each leaf from its stem. Also Read - Viral Video: Shopkeeper Celebrates Reopening of His Store, Dances Joyfully to 'Rangilo Maro Dholna' | Watch

However, a simple kitchen hack can now make this job much easier! A video is going viral showing a boy separating the leaves from the stem by placing it inside a basket with holes. He places the stem through the hole and gently pulls it until the leaves break free and fall into the basket.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and people are loving this desi jugaad.

A few days back, another kitchen hack had gone viral that can make your job of peeling garlic much easier. According to the video, you need to take a full-sized garlic and then cut it horizontally with a knife. After this, you need to turn both the halves inwards to face the chopping board with the peel facing the top side. With the flat side of the knife, smash both the halves together which will remove the entire peel.

Just like this, there are several genius food hacks on the internet to make everyday cooking less of a hassle.