Viral Video: Kids are fast learners and are often seen imitating adults and grown-up situations! In one such hilarious video doing the rounds on the internet, a group of kids are seen recreating a wedding ‘baarat’, and it’s the most wholesome thing you will see on the internet today. In the video, the children presumably from a village, are seen imitating a Indian wedding procession almost perfectly and have all the jugaad ready for the ‘band baaja baarat’. As seen in the adorable yet funny video, a few kids have assumed the role of the band waala as they are seen banging pots and buckets with a jhaadu masquerading as the decorative light. Following them are the fun baaratis, who are dancing their hearts out while another one takes their video with a umbrella. A shy groom follows them dressed in yellow, with his flowers and leaves imitating a sehra (headdress).Also Read - Viral Video: This Elderly Firangi Couple's Cool Dance Moves Will Make You Want to Groove Too | Watch

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral, and people are loving this hilarious recreation of a typical Indian wedding, while others have appreciated the brilliance of kids who have paid all attention to minute details. It seems like it’s an old video, which has resurfaced on the internet, as no one in the video is seen wearing a mask. Neverthless, it is being widely shared and people are loving the innocence of these cute kids.

Ever seen such an adorable ‘baarat’?