New Delhi: Internet sensation and former ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Dhinchak Pooja who went viral a few years back with ‘Selfie Maine le li’ is back with another song and well it is as cringey as you expected it to be!Also Read - Watch: This Viral Video on 'How to Sound Like Prateek Kuhad' Will Make You Fall Off Your Chair Laughing

The music video of her latest track is titled ‘Roz Roz Ka Kaam’, in which she has shared all about her daily routine, outlining the monotony of life amid the pandemic.

From brushing her teeth to taking a bath, and dressing up, and heading to work- she has enacted every line of her song, literally! The one minute seven seconds video was released on October 9, however, is going viral now.

However, the song is so cringeworthy that it will literally test your sanity.

If you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

‘Subah uthte hain hum, Brush karte hain hum

Fir khaate hain hum, Fir jaate hain hum

Chai banate hain hum, Use pite hain hum

Nahate hain hum, Fir taiyyar hote hain hum…’

Watch it here: (at your own risk):

Meanwhile, Pooja has turned off the comments section of her YouTube video but the video is now being shared on several social media platforms, making people laugh hard. Well, the internet has a lot to say about her new song.

”And we thought we are done with all the disasters in 2020,” wrote one user while another wrote, “Such an inspirational song. If you can survive this, then you can survive 2020 for sure. Thank you, Pooja for giving us hope.”

Check the hilarious comments here:

Prior to this, she had also released a song titled Hoga Na Karona in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.