A video of a doctor from Assam dancing on Hrithik Roshan’s famous song Ghungroo while wearing personal protective equipment kit has gone viral on the internet and is making people smile! Also Read - Photo of The Year? This 'Hopeful' Pic of a Newborn Baby Removing Doctor's Mask Has Gone Viral

The adorable dance video of ENT surgeon Dr Arup Senapati from Silchar Medical College was shared by his colleague Dr Syed Faizan Ahmad on Twitter on Sunday evening. In the video, Senapati can be seen dressed in full protective gear while showing off some impressive dance moves including the hook step.

“Meet my #COVID duty colleague Dr Arup Senapati an ENT surgeon at Silchar medical college Assam. Dancing in front of COVID patients to make them feel happy. #COVID19 #Assam,’ Ahmad wrote.

Responding to the viral video, Hrithik Roshan on Monday too applauded the positive spirit of Dr Arup Senapati and also shared the clip on his Twitter page. The song is from Hrithik’s blockbuster War from 2019.

‘Tell Dr Arup I’m gonna learn his steps and dance as good as him someday in Assam. Terrific spirit,’ he wrote responding to Ahmad’s tweet.

The delightful video meant to uplift the spirits of Covid-19 patients has struck a chord with netizens who are applauding the surgeon for his cool dance moves. People are also saluting the spirit of the medical professionals as they are on the frontline fighting the deadly virus.

“He’s too good. And salute to him and all the front line warriors holding up in these testing times. We are indebted,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Hats off! After so much of stressful days that they have and to do this with such ease. I bow my head with respect,” another said.

Here are other reactions:

Earlier, Dr. Richa Negi took to Instagram to post a video of her dancing to the song ‘Garmi’ from the movie Street Dancer 3D which also had gone viral.