Dubai: Fed up with the scorching heat, Dubai has come up with a unique method to create artificial rain as temperatures surpass 50C. Footage of monsoon-like showers drenching roads and sparking flashes of lightning have gone viral on social media, generating interest among users. Interestingly, the city is now employing drone technology that ‘shocks’ clouds into producing rain. The rainmaking technology, known as ‘cloud seeding’, was put into use as summer temperatures surged past 50C in the United Arab Emirates city.Also Read - Mega Luck! Maharashtra Man Purchases Lottery Ticket Online, Wins $1 Million in Dubai Duty Free Raffle

And the weather manipulating method has largely been a success as cloud seeding contributed to the heavy rainfall seen across the country earlier this month. According to Gulf Today, both the NCM and Abu Dhabi Police issued warnings to the public, urging caution in the wake of poor visibility and driving conditions.

On Sunday, the UAE’s National Meteorological Agency also released a video of the heavy rains.

Watch the video here:

Artificial rain is part of a mission to increase rainfall in the UAE, which will increase the average annual rainfall by four inches. In 2017, UAE invested a whopping $15 million in nine rain-making projects to create artificial rain.

What is cloud seeding?

According to The Independent, the cloud seeding method relies on drone technology wherein the drones release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain. The drone system to cause artificial rains is being led by Professor Maarten Ambaum of the University of Reading in England.

“When the drops merge and are big enough, they will fall as rain”, Professor Maarten told the BBC.

The report further says that rainmaking has become common in dry countries such as the UAE, which typically only records 10cm of rain a year. Not just UAE,  several U.S. states are aslo looking into cloud seeding as a way to combat severe drought conditions.