Viral Video: Not just sensitive and intelligent, elephants are also playful creatures and the internet absolutely adores videos of them. One such video is going showing viral on social media, showing two elephants quenching their thirst from a sprinkler. In the video, the first elephant is shown busy drinking cool water from a sprinkler in the park to quench his thirst. In the meantime, the second elephant patiently awaits his turn.Also Read - Video of Hungry Elephant Crashing Inside a Kitchen to Look for Food is Going Viral | WATCH

An Instagram page called The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shared the 23-second video and wrote, “Nothing beats a fresh and cooling drink from the tap (or sprinkler),” reads the caption of the post. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust runs an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program in Kenya.

Watch the video here:

The video is going viral, and people are just loving the other elephant’s sense of decency and discipline as he awaited his turn.

“I’m always impressed how elephants wait for their turn patiently. More patiently than some humans,” a user said.

Here are other reactions: 

Notably, elephants require more than most – up to 50 gallons a day! That’s why there are so many videos on the internet of elephants having water.