Guwahati: In a bizarre incident, a wild elephant from Assam’s Guwahati was spotted eating a helmet, and a video of the same has gone widely viral on social media. It is being said that the elephant mistook the helmet for some kind of food and ate it. The incident occurred in the Satgaon army camp near Narangi in Guwahati and was likely shot by the owner of the bike who kept his helmet hanging to his bike’s handlebar. Also Read - Watch: Adorable Little Boy Shows Off Killer Moves With Dance Group. Video is Crazy Viral

In the one-minute viral video clip, one can see that the elephant approached near the parked bike in the army camp and pulled out the helmet with its trunk. The onlookers were heard saying that the jumbo would likely be breaking the helmet, but what it did next left everyone surprised. Within seconds after the elephant pulled out the helmet, it put the helmet in its mouth and began eating it before walking away from the spot. Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Caught Hogging Food At a Party, Reacts Hilariously On Seeing The Camera. Watch

Watch the video here:

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In the video, the owner of the helmet could be heard saying in the background, “Mera toh helmet he chala gaya, baba dedijiye helmet, abh kaise jaunga mai (I lost my helmet, please return my helmet. How will I go now?)”

As per reports, the wild elephants likely walked out of the nearby Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary and entered the army camp looking for food.

After the video created a buzz online, forest officials of the area informed the media that the elephant didn’t eat it and spat it out later. Speaking to, a forest official said, “The elephant is safe as it did not ‘eat the helmet’. After picking up the helmet, the elephant kept it in its mouth for a while. However, it went a short distance further and spat it out.”

The official further added that the elephant then proceeded to crush the helmet with its foot before heading back to the forest.