Viral Video: Who doesn’t love cute animal videos? Adorable videos of puppies playing, kittens doing goofy things and trotting baby elephants…they all melt the heart and make you smile. These animal videos not just make you feel good, but also reduce stress. One such video making people smile is that of two elephants kissing each other. Yes, have you ever wondered how elephants kiss each other? If are curious to find out, then this video is for you.Also Read - Wild Elephant Falls Into Deep Pit in Odisha's Mayurbhanj, Rescued in Midnight Operation

The 19-second video show how two elephants come close to express their love for each other and kiss while moving their trunk in the air. Notably, the ends of their trunks are more sensitive than human fingertips. Trunks have as many as 100,000 different muscles and play a central role in the animals’ communication with each other.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya based organization that works for “rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned baby elephants,” shared the video on their official Twitter handle. “Elephant kisses,” the video was captioned.

Watch the video here:

The sweet video has gone viral, and people can’t get enough of the adorable act. One user commented, ”The sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” while another commented, ”Save some trunk kisses for me.”

Here are some other reactions:

Notably, elephants are exceptionally intelligent and empathetic animals, who also love to socialise. They form close bonds with members of their herd and communicate affection and support for one another in a variety of ways.