Viral Video: Rabbits are one of the most adorable animals around and their cute antics are just delightful to watch. But there’s one thing that they are not generally fond of–water! Yes, most of them are scared of water and are rarely seen swimming. Rabbits, whether wild or domesticated, are widely considered to be ground-dwellers and swim only when they are in danger. So, spotting a rabbit swimming only for recreation is a rather one-of-its kind event. However, in a video going viral on social media, a white rabbit can be happily seen frolicking and swimming in the water. But it is generally advisable not to bathe pet rabbits or put them in a swimming pool, as the trauma of being submerged in water may lead to shock.Also Read - Darius —World's Largest Rabbit Stolen, Owner Offers Rs 2 Lakh Reward For Information

A Twitter page called Nature & Animals posted the rare video with a caption saying, ”This is genuinely the first time i’m seeing a rabbit swim.”

Watch the video here:

The Twitter account posted another video of a swimming rabbit, clarifying, ”Don’t know the context of the above video but i just want to say sometimes rabbits do willingly go for a swim as you can see here but it is correct that they shouldn’t be bathed or put in water for swimming as it can be dangerous for them.”

Many users reacted to the video, with one of them saying that one should never force a rabbit to go into the water as it can cause extreme shock. He wrote, ”I did think that rabbits shouldn’t be bathed/put in water which annoys me when i see posts from Asian people washing their rabbits in the sink/bath while forcing them to stand up on their back legs. I feel so bad for the poor thing seeing it like that.”

Here are other reactions: 

Notably, swamp rabbits, often swim through water to avoid a predator but don’t particularly enjoy being in water. According to Animal Hearted, their small bodies are overwhelmed by being in something cold and wet, and it gets them stressed.

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