Trust Indians to have a ‘jugaad’, an easy way out, to every situation and still reap maximum benefits. Though this attempt turns out to be illegal or even fatal in some cases, we Indians have adopted it as a matter generally laughed off and recently, a viral video on Twitter proved our claim. Also Read - Mystery Solved: Who is Binod? Here is How The Twitter Meme Fest Originated

Breaking the Internet with its hilarious content, a video has surfaced which shows a man riding the bike with his wife asleep behind him and flanked by five of his children before him and behind his wife. As if these many people were not enough to display a laughter riot, the bike is seen completely hidden with loads of luggage tied on every visible end, atop which sat two dogs and a rooster. The video was shared on Twitter by a user who captioned it, “Only in India!” Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan is All Praises For Bobby Deol's Class of '83 - Check Out This Viral Tweet

Having a heyday in the comments section, merely to brush off the Monday blues, a user commented, “I feel jealous. It is dangerous. But such bond between family members. Poor still sticking together. I would like see how many days anyone who mock could tolerate such hardships and stick together. Even with millions some cant keep there family thst tight (sic)” while another wrote, “The dog in the front near the speedometer is like “why the f**k r u recording” (sic)” and yet another tweeted, “the bike failed SUVs (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s funny reactions on the viral video here: