Viral Video: Humanoid scarecrows dressed in old clothes and placed in open fields are a common sight in Indian villages, meant to discourage birds and animals from growing crops. However, most of the times, these scarecrows don’t work, leaving farmers to come up with new techniques. Gone are the days of simple scarecrows, India is known for its jugaad and this video is proof of the same. In one such instance, a talented farmer decided to utilise everyday objects to build a device to shoo away animals and birds to save his crop.Also Read - Hi-Tech Jugaad: REET Aspirants Buy Rs 6 Lakh ‘Bluetooth Chappals’ to Cheat in Exam, Arrested | Pics Surface

In the video, it can be seen that an iron chain is attached to the motor of a fan, and when it runs, the chain repeatedly hits the empty steel box, making a loud noise. With this device, a continuous sound can be heard in the field, due to which the birds stay away. Birds usually tend get irritated by loud noises.

An Instagram page called jugaadu_life_hacks shared the video and wrote, ”Made Easy.” The video has gone viral, impressing users who appreciated the jugaad’s usefulness.

Watch the video here:

A few days back, a video of a swinging scarecrow left netizens scared and horrified. A Twitter user shared a video of the scarecrow, which has been modeled as a scary woman wearing green sweater, blue skirt and red scarf and gloves. The strange-looking scarecrow has been attached to a spring coil, which keeps swinging in a circular and weird way. As the scarecrow swings around the spring while holding the handle, the scene looks no less than a horror movie.

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